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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of text that is requested and stored by your browser. Each cookie is associated with the domain that delivered it, and is given an expiry date and a name. Cookies are useful on the web because each time you visit a site within a domain, your browser checks to see whether it has a cookie for that domain and, if the cookie hasn’t expired, sends it back to the site. In this way, websites can keep you logged in and generally make the experience easier for you. Companies in the advertising industry, such as Fresh8 Gaming, also make use of cookies. We tell you how in this document.

What are web-beacons

Although we think of a web page as a single document, in fact it can consist of many different bits of content, all pulled together into a single page by a browser. For example each image on a page will be distinct and could come from anywhere on the web. So for each image the browser makes a request to the site where the image is located, before the content is presented to you. Typically a beacon consists of an image that a browser is told to display, which is small enough in file size and so does not interrupt the view of the page. This is sometimes known as a “tracking pixel”, a “clear gif”, a “web bug” or similar. When a browser wants to display that tiny image, it sends a request to us (for example) and in that request it will send any cookies that have not expired and that are set for our domain (see above for more info).

Why cookies and web-beacons are used

Cookies help us to recognise a browser we have already “met”. A web-beacon informs us when a computer/tablet or other device has seen a piece of content.

A typical scenario where this is useful is when you are on a site on which one of our customers have purchased advertising space. We show you an advert for (say) this week’s upcoming football fixture that you find of interest, so you click on it. The ad is linked to a site called which is managed by our advertiser. The advertiser puts our web-beacon on its site so that when you arrive there, we know that you have been safely redirected. If you subsequently complete a transaction, another web-beacon might be put on the last page of the purchase process.

It is important to note that the Cookie does not identify you. It just identifies the browser that you are using. Unless you have chosen to give us your name (for example by registering with us), and are logged in to our site, the cookie does not tell us who you are.

Our web-beacons

Some companies pay thousands of web-sites to deploy their web-beacons so that they can build a large profiling database. We do not. We deploy web-beacons only as part of advertising campaigns for our clients. The web-beacons are placed on appropriate pages of our clients’ sites and help us analyse the performance of our clients’ advertising.

Our cookies

Currently we set and use some cookies ourselves within our own site and the adverts that we serve. These are called first party cookies. We list these below:



We use tools and widgets on out site from other sources, what are served outside of our domain. When cookies are served by another domain they are called “third party cookies”.

These have been listed below:

Advertising Cookies

For advertising on most external websites, we use a variety of proprietary and third party technologies to ensure the ads are efficiently and anonymously targeted to the audiences requested by our advertisers. The cookies set by our platform serving ads are associated with the “” domain. The data is never personal and is used for the following purposes:

  • To recognize your computer when you visit our website or view on of our ads

  • To collect information about the user’s online interaction to show relevant ads based on collected information about previously viewed and clicked ads

  • To remember how many times the same ad was delivered to a user

  • To maintain a list of ads previously delivered by the Fresh8 platform

  • To collect the number of times a user clicked on an ad served by the Fresh8 platform

  • To retarget in terms of previously viewed ads, clicked ads and visited advertisers

  • To track the number of times a user engages in a business transaction (i.e. makes purchases) on the advertisers’ network

  • To determine, count and attribute conversion

Can I stop getting cookies when visiting the fresh8 gaming website or viewing fresh8 ads

Not at the moment. But you can achieve the same result by changing your browser settings so that it does not store cookies. The site All About Cookies has good information about how to do this.

BUT, if you do stop cookies from being delivered then you may find your experience on the web to be quite limited. For example you may not be able to log in, or you may be asked to login every time you click on a link.

Can I stop receiving behavioural advertising from fresh8 gaming

You may opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from Fresh8 by clicking here. When you opt out, we will set a cookie on your browser that tells us not to use your web browsing activity to serve ads that are targeted to your interests. If you use multiple devices and/or multiple browsers, you need to opt out on each device and browser you use.

Please note that even after you have opted out, you will still see ads provided by Fresh8, but these ads will not be personalised based on the sites you visit. Note also that if you clear your cookies, you will need to opt out again.

Our commitment

We are committed to following best practice in the areas of privacy and cookies. We will keep this policy and our use of cookies under constant review and will monitor potential new standards in accordance with the IAB and other organisations.

We are also very interested in the possibilities offered by an alternative set of information (known as device identification or Device ID). Using Device ID may mean that we could avoid using cookies altogether, or at least reduce our usage. It will also provide, we hope, a greater degree of permanence to any opt-out from behavioural advertising.

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